Thursday, October 17th

Casey Blake

Former Major League Baseball Player

Casey Blake is without question one of the greatest major league baseball players ever to come out of Iowa. With a career batting average of .264 and the second-highest home run total of any Iowan who ever played in the majors, it goes without saying that Casey could hit. He was also a great fielder – whether playing his natural position of third base or filling in at first base or right field.


Most known for his time with the Cleveland Indians and Los Angeles Dodgers, Casey’s leadership helped turn the Dodgers around. When joining the team, the Dodgers were two games under .500 but ended up winning the NL West and defeating the Cubs in the NLDS before losing to the Phillies in the NLCS.


After his major league career, Casey returned home to Indianola, Iowa where he and his wife, Abbie, are raising six kids – five daughters and a son.

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